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O'BATA, Susumu (SU-Percussionist)

Profile :
Native of Japan, Susumu O'BATA graduated from Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles in 1984. O'BATA studied various fields of Percussion playing, from classic to modern jazz, Japanese traditional music to Asian and African music. He studied with Rich Repoir, John Bargamo, Joe Pocaro, H. Sato and T. Sasaki.
In 1981, O'BATA played principal Timpani with The American Wind Symphony Orchestra for it's tour to North, Central and South America.
After returning to Japan in 1985, O'BATA formed SU-PERCUSSION and has given recitals extensively throughout Japan, including concerts in concert halls, at buddhist temples, Zen chambers, Shinto shrines, Art galleries, on Television, in the parks and even in the mountains. O'BATA has also performed in conjunction with many artists, sculptors, ceramists, flower arrangement masters and others.
In recent years, O'BATA has been busy playing recitals in Europe aud in Canada, receiving acclaimed reviews.
He performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, in May,1996.

O'BATA major biography

Gango-ji temple in NARA '88 SU-PERCUSSION 3days Concert.
SU-PERCUSSION in The Night View of Cherry Blossoms at Higashi Honganji-temple Kikokutei in KYOTO.
Shigehiko Hongo sound sculpture Ponco Sound Performance at Aoyama Spiral Garden in TOKYO.
BIWAKO (the largest lake in Japan) Art Festival at OKISHIMA in Shiga.
Paper Art Exhibision '92 VERSION 4 at Imadate in Fukui.
Art Museum Concerts in Kurashiki, Fukuyama, Takamatsu.
Concert & Talk at Yohkaichi in Shiga.
SU-PERCUSSION Concerts in Germany and Canada from 1994 to 1995.
O'BATA made CD (Timeless Night by O'BATA) with SHOSHU Fukudaicalligraphy artistjin Germany in 1996.
SU-PERCUSSION Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York at 1996.
Art and SU-PERCUSSION Concert at Shimin Geijutsu-mura in Kanazawa at 1997.
O'BATA composed and played music for movie (Detective Blue which is directed by Junichi Yagi).
KI-KI-AI-RAKU Concert at Gokoku-jinja shrine in Toyama at 1999.
KI-KI-AI-RAKU Concert at Uchiko-za which is one of the old famous Kabuki theatre at 1999.